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About Zoni Law

A Neighborhood Law Practice

Our Vision, Brought to You

Zoni Law was founded amid the 2020 pandemic to bring access to justice, legal counsel, and the courts, to the communities in eastern Connecticut during a time when courts and law firms closed to the public, as attorneys and clients scrambled to adjust to a new normal.

Free Consultation, Affordable Fees

Zoni Law provides each potential client with a free consultation to learn about your case and determine how we can help.

We represent clients on contingency, flat rate, or hourly fee arrangements, depending on your unique legal problem and budget.


Most cases are handled on a contingency basis, with no costs to clients unless we win.


Because our goal is better communities through better advocacy, Zoni Law can often provide reduced fees to make our services affordable. We handle a limited number of cases on a pro bono basis.

Virtual, Paperless Law Office

Zoni Law has no brick and mortar office. Consultations, meetings, and new-client intakes are conducted virtually, through video chat. We use secure, cloud services to manage cases, maintain files, and sign and exchange documents

Google Workspace

Video Chat

Business Computing


Cloud Storage


Law Pay

Secure Online Payments

Major Credit Cards

Pay Legal Fees Online



Electronic Signatures
Legally Binding

Sign from Phone or PC



Digital Fax
Email to Fax


Clio Grow

Confidential Intakes
Document Automation

Practice Management


Attorney Advertisement

This website is an advertisement for attorney services. No attorney-client relationship exists without a written agreement signed by you and by Zoni Law, after a consultation. Nothing on this website is to be taken as a promise of results, resources, or staffing. Written content does not constitute legal advice. Always speak with a lawyer before making decisions that can affect your rights. 

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