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With Zoni Law you get an attorney and counselor at law. That means individual attention and thoughtful advice, a focused concern for you and your case that you won't get from overworked attorneys at high-volume firms, where the goal is to settle as many cases as possible.

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Injuries and Accidents

• Negligence
• Traumatic Injuries
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Premises Liability
• Animal Injuries
• Economic Injuries
• Intentional Injuries
• Dignitary Torts

Workers' Compensation

• Connecticut Workers' Compensation
• Massachusetts Workers' Compensation
• Longshoremans' Workers' Compensation
• Tribal Workers' Compensation
• Joint and Ligament Damage
• Repetitive Trauma
• Injuries Caused by Animals
• Hearing Loss
• Lung Injuries
• Teacher Assaults

Property Rights

• Tree Law
• Neighbor Disputes
• Nuisance Claims
• Trespassing and Boundary Disputes
• Easement Disputes
• Right of Way Disputes
• Riparian Rights
• Takings

Better Communities

• Public Land Use
• Recreational Activities
• Civil Rights Cases
• Good Government
• Freedom of Information
• Free Speech

Legal Services

• Independent Investigations
• Fact Investigations
• Legal Consulting
• Drafting
• Local Counsel
• Client Referrals
• Attorney Referrals
• Legal Name Changes

Interests and Causes

• Fair Elections
• Workers' Rights
• Community Organizing
• Clean Environment
• Local Food Production
• Access to Natural Resources

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